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Reliable Plumbing Service and Repair

A plumbing problem can be a disaster, but you can depend on Plumbing Solutions for prompt repairs and service for any problem. In our 27 years of experience, we've seen just about everything that can go wrong in plumbing, and we bring that expertise to your problem.

  • Refrigerator water lines

  • Drainage lines

  • Water softener lines

  • Water lines of any kind

  • Toilet and faucet replacement and repair

  • Sump pump replacement

Service for all types of plumbing

Even a small leak can do a lot of damage, and it might signal a larger problem somewhere else in the system. When you have Plumbing Solutions investigate a leak, you get expert analysis

and effective repairs.


If you spot a drip or wet spot in your home or office, call us at 319-277-1716 for reliable repairs.

Careful leak diagnosis

Your complete satisfaction

is guaranteed. You get our

1-year guarantee on all new installations.

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